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Blow darts

Sometimes I get very anxious, this doesn't seem to correspond to particular events. Some days I'll just wake feeling diffusely anxious.

Today Jason suggested that he get some tranquilliser blow darts to shoot at me when I'm getting anxious. "See, I will support you with love. Love and blow darts."

Out of Oz

We returned to Melbourne 10 days ago, and I am haunted by the sense that i have returned *from* Australia, to *another place*. My idea of Australia has grown so much that Melbourne seems like an international city, part of an international community of cities, but certainly not integral to the Australian identity.

We spent a week travelling from Broome back to Alice Springs, through the Tanami desert. I had decided to read Australian books on my holiday- I read 'Cloudstreet' and 'Dirt Music' and a true crime book about Bradley Murdoch. I had attempted Cloudstreet before, and found it unbearably kitsch. A story from my parents' childhood. This time I loved it. I suppose things can seem kitsch just because they are unfamiliar.