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coming up for air

I took a week off from study after my exam last week.  I lost a day to full-blown panic: "Will I pass?  I think I've failed.  I'm sure I failed!" But then I went to yoga and I came home thinking, "Myeh.  Maybe I failed, but let's not spend the next six weeks worrying."

Cue: relentless fun times!!

Here are some things a person can do when they are not studying:

Eat a lot.  eg. 8 course meal at Attica, complete with a mid-meal trip to their beautiful vegie garden to toast fancy marshmallows over an open fire and drink warm apple cider. Cuddle new babies.  eg. baby nephew Samson and unofficial nephew Graeme. Walk in the SUNSHINE.  eg. along the Yarra at Warrandyte with no-longer-the-baby-nephew Tpot. Drink too much and dance like a loon at a house party.  eg with your old housemates.Feel 20 years old again. eg. eat chips for breakfast with a hangover.Go to bookclub.  Talk about eg. 'The Diary of a Teenage Girl'.  Ride a bicycle. eg. at 3am, or eg. 2…