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Apocalypse in the ED

Following on from my idea of a post-apocalyptic geriatric-zombie movie set in the Werribee Hospital: the apocalypse came to Melbourne!

On Saturday there was a flash flood which affected several parts of the hospital. We even had to go on bypass for a couple of hours while the PSAs were tried to stem the tide. You know, stop the life-support machines getting too water logged. Simultaneously, a code red (FIRE!) was called for another part of the hospital.

Usually if there's a code red it's only called once, then presumably someone takes the smoking piece of bread out of the toaster and it's all fixed. This time the code was called every three minutes or so, indicating an ACTUAL FIRE! So for about an hour there were announcements every few minutes, "Respond Yellow: Flood, level 1", then a couple of minutes later: "Respond Red: Fire." Hilariously, the location of the code red kept sounding like: "Respond Red, Evil Child Unit. Respond Red, Evil C…