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Peak Darwin

We may have reached Peak Darwin.

Last night we went out to the Darwin Festival park with Jason's friends the Notorious D.o.D. (Dads of Darwin)

Nora and her little buddies danced and we drank beer and ate curry in the lovely cool evening.  Travis and Elise took their little one into the the Lighthouse for a gig.  After a while I decided that we should join them, and because Darwin, of course there were tickets left.  I'm so pleased we went.  Felix Riebl was playing and it was just a beautiful happy gig.  Nora listened quietly, she seemed tired but happy. Here's us earlier in the night:

This morning after breakfast Nora grabbed her helmet and dragged it through the house saying 'Bike! bike!!' We took her subtle hint and went for a ride to Lee Point.  It's a beautiful bush trail, shady and cool.  I am terrible at mountain biking and the fact that I was on a flat-bar road bike with quite hard tyres wasn't helping.  But it was fun, I half skidded down the hills …