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A sign of the place

As our Adventure Year in Darwin draws to a close, here are some signs of the place.

Looking for the hospital? Ride through the bush, past the nudist beach, and it's 500 metres on your right.

If you're feeling lost, the hospital foyer's not a bad place to start. It has a huge map of the Top End's indigenous communities and recognition that the hospital is built on Larrakia land.

The doors to the hospital are fitted with cyclone locks:

And if you work at the hospital, you'll need to stop by the TB/Leprosy clinic for your annual Ancient Communicable Diseases check.  Happily, I'm in the clear!

After a long day on the wards, remember to sober up before entering the hospital swimming pool.

Outside of the swimming pool, you'd better stay Croc Wise. And Stinger Wise. And Sea Snake Wise. 

Lucky Bat's a great place for a coffee, but don't park in Des Fong's car park you buggers. 

Going on a road trip? You could pick up a $2000 motor bike from a Lady Owner…

Music 2017

1. Harry Belafonte
I have long tormented Jason with the Harry Belafonte song 'Did you hear about Jerry?' but this year we got into some other Belafonte classics like 'Jump in the Line', The Banana Boat song and 'Jump Down, Turn Around'.  
When she winds up her bottom she goes like a rocket!
2. The Meat Puppets II
In August we travelled to Melbourne to help mum move out of her house and into her fancy new retirement apartment.  Of course, this required a Kafkaesque bureaucratic marathon of conveyancing, bank transactions and change of address paper work.  Happily Tash and Leith lent me their big boat of a station wagon to run the errands in, complete with the CD 'Meat Puppets II'.  What a gem! 
Lost on the freeway again...nobody knows which way it's going to bend....
3.  Lorde- Melodrama
I really really love Lorde's new album.  We listened to it endlessly as the dry deflated into the swampy build-up.  We went to her Melbourne show at the Sidney Mye…