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Married life, sans AC

So married life is remarkably like pre-married life, only I am less harried and have more awesome kitchen gadgets (thanks everyone!!).

I really like to take things slowly in January, even when I am not on holidays. In order to celebrate the last weekend of January, and my last weekend on the marvelous anaesthetics roster, I have been taking things very slowly this weekend:
1. Reading crappy Sookie Stackhouse novels. They are almost unreadable.
2. Baking ginger shortbread. I tried to convince Mel to swap some figs from her fig tree for some of my gingerbread shortbread biscuits but she didn't reply. Don't hoard your figs, Mel!!
3. Overeating at Pinotta and Gorsky and Jones.
4. Going to the movies.
5. Showering frequently and sitting in front of a fan in an effort to replicate air conditioning.

I love hearing about people's strategies to survive the summer heat. Joe Foley puts his shirt under the tap every hour or so and then puts it back on. I eat icy poles almost constantl…

Lost on Mt Buggary

'What sort of a two-bit honeymoon are you taking me on??' I asked my Jason as I lost feeling in my hands halfway across the Crosscut Saw. In fairness it *may* have been my suggestion to go hiking...

We drove to the Upper Howqua camping area on Monday, which was a bit of an adventure in the corolla. (Incidentally, Jason tried to name the car Nora in a bid to prevent me naming any future daughters Nora but I shut that down pretty quickly).

Tuesday we were supposed to hike to Mt Buggary and then across the Mt Speculation, which has a campsite and a creek for water. At about the 8km mark the track deteriorated. We were climbing over or crawling under large fallen trees every 15 metres in some sort of 'It's a Knockout' style obstacle course. Then half way up the Queen Spur we lost the track completely and ended up bush-bashing through waist-deep scrub to the top. By then it was 6pm, and we hadn't found the trail.

So we set up camp, lost, halfway up Mt Buggary. N…

Wedding highlights

1. The flowers. I want to have these flowers all the time, for ever.

2. Before the ceremony, our good friend Jesse Marlow took our photos in the streets of Collingwood. We had a lot of fun. Jesse talked about textured walls and Jason complained about the glare.

It was very hot so Scott went to the servo to buy us water, then we went back to Pen and Stu's backyard to wait in the shade for the ceremony to start.

3. Wet weather plans! We had to change the ceremony venue the Compound Interest, Stu's warehouse studio at the last minute because of rain.

Karina and I went to Lombard's the day before to get some awesome heart shaped balloons. Keith made a closed-loop video of the Carlton Gardens, where we were supposed to get married, and projected it on the wall behind the ceremony.

Pen, Stu, Karina and Mim made the warehouse look great.

Though you can see I'm not sure about the result in this photo:

Jason and I walked in via the motorcycle shop (see actual motorcycle in back…


So Jason and I got married!

Here is some preliminary proof.