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A very boxy Boxing Day

We stayed up in Darwin for Christmas...and what a lovely time we had!  I made some fancy table decorations with some tree branches stolen from the Casuarina foreshore...

On Saturday we had some friends over for our traditional Christmas Die Hard viewing, this time accompanied by Green Ant Gin.

N found the leftover cheese on Christmas day and got straight into it

Today we went on a family bike ride to Lee Point, through the mangroves and then along the bush track.  It was so green!

The ride was great, but when we arrived at Lee Point beach the humidity was about 95%.  N had an understandable meltdown when we wouldn't let her go in the ocean (stinger season).

N got a scooter for Christmas...she's getting better already!

And Jason got a new hat, which came in a special hat box that I made into a boat.  By the time we painted it I was ready to apply for my new job on Play School: