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online wino

Yesterday one of my colleagues had an alcoholic patient, who gets all her wine via online supermarket shopping. She need never leave the house again!!

Today my love for you...

I used to ask Jason, "Will you leave me this week?" And he would say, ", not this week." "Okay!"

Now I tell him,

"Today my love for you is as big as Uluru."

"Today my love for you is as big as Chadstone shopping centre, including the carpark!"

"Today my love for you is as big as the Pacific ocean"

"Today my love for you is as big as the Royal Exhibition Building." (Jason: "Hey, that's not very big!")

He told me,

"Today my love for you is as big as the shipping yards."

"Today my love for you is as big as the spaces between the stars."

Kickboxing, dinge etc

Today a patient presented after participating in a 'no-rules' kickboxing match. Apparently the bouts go for 9 minutes- the winner taking home $15 000 and the loser a measly $5000. In this chap's case I don't think the $5000 will begin to cover his rehabilitation costs. But who even knew this type of match happened here in Melbourne?? It sounds like dog-fighting or cock-fighting.

Last weekend Jason and I went to see Sifter's Dinge, a Melbourne Festival show (Goebbels) with a fantastic mechanical set and no actors. I suppose it's an audio-visual installation, but presented as a discrete performance- unlike the looped installations more commonly found in galleries. It was enthralling. There were four pianos that played themselves with mechanised arms, a steam-engine type contraption and spooky constructed trees. At the start two 'stage hands' come on to shake some sand into enormous containers. Then they turn on taps of three large watertanks allo…