Sunday, October 19, 2014

Three good Saturdays

The first Saturday we went to Bright for a wedding.  Bright is actually paradise.  Especially when it's sunny and the trees are blossoming.  I wore a dress and sandals all weekend and threatened to go swimming.  Jason and I went for a long walk along the river and wondered if the Bright hospital needs a critical care doctor and  sonographer.

We went to a wedding in Wandiligong (Paradise North).  We went off the reservation at the reception, down to the creek at the bottom of the property.  I didn't quite go swimming:

But I did attempt a Dirty-Dancing re-enactment. It turns out Jason's no Swayze.

Last weekend after a long ICU day we rode into the city to see Nihls Frahm, an amazing German pianist with all manner of amps. He played in the Melbourne festival hub, a big hot wooden box of amazing sound.  It was a balmy night so we rode home the long way, zooming down the Yarra to bed.  Then it was just a breezy (ha!) four more 13 hour shifts before some days off.

The third good Saturday was yesterday.  We went to see 'Finding Vivian Maier' with our friends Arla and Jesse. It's a documentary about the Chicago street photographer who was discovered post-humously by a somewhat obnoxious young man called John Maloof.   Vivian Maier was deeply peculiar.  My new ambition is to become deeply peculiar.  I think many of the best people are deeply peculiar.  My sister Pen thinks I am definitely on track in this regard.

After the doco, we ate at Tonka (modern Indian) and went to hear Tuba Skinny (sleazy New Orleans street jazz).  Jason and I walked home on another balmy night.  As luck would have it, the Spring street gelati store was still open. So we ate gelati in the park, in the dark, listening to 'Luck be a Lady.'

Stick with me, Lady, I'm the guy that you came in with….