Lemon Lime, not Bitter

Based on the Lemon Lime and Bitters test (sens. 98%, spec 85%), another of our good friends is pregnant.  This takes the current count of pregnant friends or new parents to approximately 73.   Every time I hear about another pregnancy, I have an urge to move somewhere exotic, immediately, and return when all the baby-making is done.

Of course I am excited and happy for my friends.  But I think my dream last night nicely illustrates my current attitude to pregnancy:

I was 12 weeks pregnant.  I did not want to be pregnant.  I was walking across a huge, windswept desert plain.  Actually in hindsight it looked like the scene from The Master where they take turns riding the motorbike.  
I saw a beautiful blanket fly past in the strong wind.  I wanted to get the blanket but it got caught in a very tall tree. 
At the end of my walk I arrived at a building with no windows.  I was scared of the building, but I could hear my friends inside.  I entered the foyer of the building, but then I got scared so I tried to leave. The door had locked behind me. 

I think the subtext here is pretty clear: Having children is like living in a windowless building/prison in the middle of a desert.  

Feel free to remind me of this post when I am pregnant.


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