Winter Things

1. If on a winter's night a traveller…
Reading for next week's book club meeting.

2. Walking in Mornington Peninsula.
Jason and I went down to Red Hill on the weekend.  We walked to Bushranger's bay and Cape Schanck on Saturday and then ate the tasting plate at the Red Hill Cheese shop as reward.  The walk was fantastic, heaps of kangaroos bounding across the trailer.  We also saw a very handsome fox with a bushy tail, just like Fantastic Mr Fox.  

3. Mahler 1.
We went to the MSO on Thursday to hear Mahler 1.  I loved it.  I haven't been to a classical music concert for ages.  Seeing some of my old MYO friends on stage had me reminiscing about band camps past.
I loved hearing Jason's impressions of the concert, as he'd never been to a symphony orchestra concert before.  He kept looking at the players getting their instruments ready to come in, "You just lift your instrument up, get ready with your partner, and then…no…not now…put your instrument down again."  I had to admit it's pretty hilarious to see a middle aged man in a dinner suit getting ready to play the triangle.
We went past Blue Train on the way to the concert hall and I was sad to see that they don't serve lentil dahl anymore! Luckily I have more than $4 to spend on dinner these days. (It cost $8 but was big enough to share between 2 people).

4. The Returned.
Spooky French drama series.

5. Wearing a thin cotton dress over a neck to toe merino wool body suit.

6. Daphne making the whole flat smell divine.  Jason says,  "I can't smell anything. Does it smell like grass?"


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