et cetera

1. Sunday DIY
Proper winter again today. We walked to the hardware store to get some wood to hang our awesome canvas throw/picture:
It was so sunny on the way there, then on the way back it TURNED!  Windy horrible rain in the face, running down Wellington street with a 3 metre picture rail. You can't turn corners very quickly with a 3 metre picture rail. 

2. Walking, not sitting. 

If I'd been asked ten years ago what I'd look would look for in a job, I don't think I would have asked for a job that requires standing and walking around. But now I realise that THIS IS AMAZING! My job requires standing and walking for at least a third of the day.  imagine if I'd gone into academia or, in fact, most other jobs, I would be sitting down all the time.

I think I would struggle to solve problems if I had to sit down to them.  I like walking around the ICU, mulling over something tangentially, to reach a solution.  But perhaps this is a cognitive weakness too.  I'm easily distracted, and I trained in ED which involves constant distractions and now I can't think without distractions.  But the walking helps, too. 

3. October arts

Having completely failed at MIFF, I am feeling pretty pleased with my Melbourne Festival selection:


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