Music 2017

1. Harry Belafonte

I have long tormented Jason with the Harry Belafonte song 'Did you hear about Jerry?' but this year we got into some other Belafonte classics like 'Jump in the Line', The Banana Boat song and 'Jump Down, Turn Around'.  

When she winds up her bottom she goes like a rocket!

2. The Meat Puppets II

In August we travelled to Melbourne to help mum move out of her house and into her fancy new retirement apartment.  Of course, this required a Kafkaesque bureaucratic marathon of conveyancing, bank transactions and change of address paper work.  Happily Tash and Leith lent me their big boat of a station wagon to run the errands in, complete with the CD 'Meat Puppets II'.  What a gem! 

Lost on the freeway again...nobody knows which way it's going to bend....

3.  Lorde- Melodrama

I really really love Lorde's new album.  We listened to it endlessly as the dry deflated into the swampy build-up.  We went to her Melbourne show at the Sidney Myer Music bowl during my annual leave.  When the big day dawned the Bureau of Metereology was warning of a cataclysmic weather event with damaging hail.  I felt pretty daggy taking our fancy Goretex jackets to the gig.  

But our spirit of adventure was rewarded...the storm blew past and we danced with the Young People to our little antipodean Beyonce. 

Blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you...

4. Bob Dylan- I'm on fire

At aforementioned Lorde gig, she did a cover of Bob Dylan's 'I'm on Fire'.  It was a pretty good cover, but reminded me of how much I love the original.   

Sometimes it's like someone took a knife baby, edgy and dull, and cut a six inch valley through the middle of my skull. 

5. Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil had a reunion tour and my boss gave me four free tickets to the Darwin show.  So much fun, dancing in the Darwin amphitheatre watching Peter Garrett sweat through a series of three long sleeved shirts.  He's such a dag, every time he talked it sounded like he was addressing the chamber. But I'd never realised that the Oils are a really tight band. 

The hardest years, the wildest years the desperate and divided years....these shall not be forgotten years. 

6. Darwin Festival shows-Yirmmal and Felix Riebl 

These shows were both in the 'Lighthouse', a beautiful outdoor pop up venue in the city gardens. Nora loved the colourful lights and the performances. She was transfixed and so was I. 


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