Married life, sans AC

So married life is remarkably like pre-married life, only I am less harried and have more awesome kitchen gadgets (thanks everyone!!).

I really like to take things slowly in January, even when I am not on holidays. In order to celebrate the last weekend of January, and my last weekend on the marvelous anaesthetics roster, I have been taking things very slowly this weekend:
1. Reading crappy Sookie Stackhouse novels. They are almost unreadable.
2. Baking ginger shortbread. I tried to convince Mel to swap some figs from her fig tree for some of my gingerbread shortbread biscuits but she didn't reply. Don't hoard your figs, Mel!!
3. Overeating at Pinotta and Gorsky and Jones.
4. Going to the movies.
5. Showering frequently and sitting in front of a fan in an effort to replicate air conditioning.

I love hearing about people's strategies to survive the summer heat. Joe Foley puts his shirt under the tap every hour or so and then puts it back on. I eat icy poles almost constantly. Penny likes to sit with her feet in a bucket of cold water:

One of my patients told me that he likes to sit under a tree in his backyard in his underpants, with the hose hooked over a tree branch sending a gentle sprinkle of water over his head. A senior specialist who was listening to the same story looked at the patient like he was completely nuts. But I was thinking, 'That sounds lovely!!'

I imagine that the specialist, driving in his air-conditioned car between his airconditioned workplace and his air conditioned home, has little need for inventive cooling strategies. I guess we will all do this eventually. And then when we see pictures of people sitting in street with their feet in a bucket of water we will wonder, "What's all that about?"


  1. Hey! I checked the fig tree this morning – there are no ripe ones on it. Either the birds or my housemate are picking them off.


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