Wedding highlights

1. The flowers. I want to have these flowers all the time, for ever.

2. Before the ceremony, our good friend Jesse Marlow took our photos in the streets of Collingwood. We had a lot of fun. Jesse talked about textured walls and Jason complained about the glare.

It was very hot so Scott went to the servo to buy us water, then we went back to Pen and Stu's backyard to wait in the shade for the ceremony to start.

3. Wet weather plans! We had to change the ceremony venue the Compound Interest, Stu's warehouse studio at the last minute because of rain.

Karina and I went to Lombard's the day before to get some awesome heart shaped balloons. Keith made a closed-loop video of the Carlton Gardens, where we were supposed to get married, and projected it on the wall behind the ceremony.

Pen, Stu, Karina and Mim made the warehouse look great.

Though you can see I'm not sure about the result in this photo:

Jason and I walked in via the motorcycle shop (see actual motorcycle in background).

4. The ceremony itself. I was quite surprised by the number people who said they cried during the ceremony. Notably Choc, who in his own words, "hates weddings, I'm dead inside." I told Choc that I played the ceremony like the lead singer in the film, 'Almost Famous': "I connect. I look for the one guy who isn't getting off, and I make him get off. (Actually, *that* you can print!)"

5. Sitting in the gutter with our good friends Ghita and Keith waiting for our lift to the reception. There was a big dumpster right outside the warehouse that Jason's mum wanted to cover up before the ceremony but we didn't let her.

6. The speeches. Penny again managed to tell the story about how I didn't learn to walk or crawl until I was 20 months old, so mum had to buy special reinforced pants for me to shuffle around on. She also got the entire room to toast me with my favourite phone-greeting, "Excuse me, hello!?!"

7. Surprisingly: our dance. I only agreed to participate in a 'first dance/bridal waltz' three days before the wedding. Given our lack of actual skills we went for a crowd-participation number, 'Do you love me?' by the Contours. Apparently it went a-okay.

A great night!! And my most photos ever for a blog post- and I will add some of Keith Deverell's awesome photos once we've scanned them in.


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