Safety first

I think I used to be quite reckless. I often hear my injured patients' stories and think, "Yeah, I can see why you did that."  But the years are taking their toll and I'm more cautious than I used to be.

Here's some advice from the front-line:

1. Turn off the lawn mower first.
2. Hold the beer bottle OR ride the skateboard.
3. Wear shoes.
4. When you want to stand up to get some air, don't.  Lie on the ground.
5. Turn off the blender first.
6. Knives go in the dishwasher pointy-end down.
7. Wax now, pay later.
8. Stop. Chew. Swallow.
9. Don't punch the wall.
10. Climbing a pool fence is a one-way ticket to impalement. If the gate doesn't open, give up.


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