So here is my secret: I am *surprisingly* good at physical skills.  Throwing and catching, playing table tennis, kicking a footy.

To be clear, I am not good at these things.  However, I am nowhere near as bad as anyone expects. Whenever anyone sees me throw a ball, they remark, "Lucy, you weren't as bad at that as I thought you would be." Or, "Wow!  I was certain you'd be terrible at that but...".  And not just once: the same people frequently comment each time I do anything requiring hand-eye coordination.

It used to frustrate me but now I revel in the advantage to being unexpectedly good at something.

My secret weapon: acting like a total klutz whilst actually having at least average hand-eye coordination and agility.


  1. Lucy I recall from your waitressing days that you used to be VERY GOOD at catching an egg.


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