heart block

Last night I had a very elderly patient with complete heart block.   I was asking her whether she would want a pacemaker.  I explained, "This heart block means that you could faint and never wake up."
"Oh, that sounds lovely dear, " she replied. To be certain she understood I said, "I mean that you would die." "Oh yes, I know. My husband's waiting for me."

So later, I dreamt that I abandoned the night shift team to sit by her bed and read her book to her. In my dream, it was very important that she heard the ending before she died.

Today I walked past an Amnesty International stand on Smith street.  As I passed, one of the   volunteers said to the other, "She's a doctor, you know."  This freaked me out.  Either I was hallucinating or I am less anonymous than I imagine.  I told Jason to keep a close eye on me for evidence of psychosis.

Anyway, tonight we rode into the city and saw the Pajama Men and drank scotch, so now I am happy. And probably sane.


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