New year with Nora

Baby Nora was born 1 month ago.  She is our smallest, softest team member.

It's been a nice slow time of year to be settling in to life with baby.  It's always quiet in Collingwood around new year anyway.  The cafes are closed, there's not much traffic on the roads and no one is rushing in the heat.

 In the first few weeks I would go for a late afternoon walk around the streets.  I walked slower than I've ever walked.  And I felt so adventurous being outside in the world.  I would amble very slowly around the block, sometimes down Gold street or just along Johnston street.  Each afternoon I would try to return with a community update for Jason.  Important community updates included:

  • an enormous branch fell off the gum tree in the park opposite our house.   A branch as big as a tree!
  • the old men's club around the corner of our house started advertising a small dinner menu.  And the Sonsa man was there so it must be a Turkish club.  He gave me a friendly wave.  
  • there is a plum tree laden with fruit in an empty block on Keele street
  • bike-radios are a thing now! People are cycling with those small bluetooth stereos playing music
Pen says Nora sounds like a squeak toy when she mewls.

We love our baby Nora!!


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