Get happy

I'm in the dying days of my maternity leave and I can already feel myself being swept up in work again.

Before I had Nora, everybody wanted to tell me how *hard* it would be.  But I think working as an emergency doctor is unusually good preparation for caring for a baby.  It's unpredictable, thankless and there's no end in sight.  

Of course there are good bits too. So I want to buck the trend and write about these. You can just fill in the blanks about all the boring bits like changing nappies and shush-patting and breast pumps. 

1.  No-plastic fantastic
I developed an obsession with buying groceries sans packaging.  Handily, there's a Friends of the Earth co-op at the end of my street that sells all sort of things by weight.  I just take my own containers up there and buy oats, rice, tea, dishwashing liquid, flour, spices....It is extremely satisfying.  Admittedly I got some dirty looks when I took my shopping bag full of disposable nappies in, but at least I'm trying. 

Pen thinks I might get asked to do some crazy co-op shifts, like Abby and Ilana in Broad City.

2. Drinking coffee everyday. 
Each morning Nora wakes up with the most enormous smile.  I say, 'Good morning Nora!' and she pumps her little arms up and down in a frantic happy dance.

After breakfast I strap Nora to my chest and we walk down the street to get coffee (in a Keep Cup). This is pretty much the best thing ever.  Nora has become quite the local celebrity, with her signature yellow beanie and her gummy grin. 

3. Dancing in the living room
We have a very small living room but there is still room for dancing.  We also do immersive drumming, where Nora sits on my lap and I drum along to a song.  She gets completely entranced.

Here's a selection from my 'Nora dancing' playlist: 
-Rockin' Robin 
-Get Happy
-Istanbul (not Constantinople) 
-Splish Splash

4. More painting classes!
I enjoyed my beginners painting course so much that I've gone back for more.  This time I've painted a pair of pears.  Pretty soon I will quit medicine and become a painter of fruit. 

5. Weekends 
The awesome thing about being on maternity leave is that you have every weekend off.  Every single one! We even went to Bunnings last weekend, 'just like a regular person!' as I like to say. Here is Jason eyeing off his Bunnings sausages: 


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